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Botanical printing is an inspiration for embroidered landscape with a multitude of stitches and gold leaf on fabric.

Embroidered plants and trees together with goldleaf sun on a eco printed rust dyed cotton fabric. Around there are branches of real trees.
Prehistoric landscape

Not long ago I tried botanical printing with plants I found nearby in combination with a rust dye blanket. The result was not as satisfactory as I wanted (no botanical print was made), but it offered inspiration.

The rust impacted the fabric with the mordant and formed shadows together with small blobs of black. They inspired me to leave my imagination free reign. In them, I saw trees, flowers and a forest.

The landscape is one dimensional, without any perspective. It has an ornamental quality and suggests a prehistoric nature with simple trees, large ferns and no animals. I tried to stich gracefulness and elegance. I hope I succeeded in forming idealized and textured surfaces by diversifying stitches. Through the combination of imagination, daydreaming and thought out stitch plan I achieved my aim to use brownish base fabric and fill it in a meaningful way.

I never thought that this will bring me to a deeper state of mindful embroidery stitching.

Threads used:

  1. Cotton threads: Anchor 380, 347, 355, 349, 357

  2. Silk threads:

Dark brown



Mid brown

Light brown

Bright white

Santa 60/70

Stitches used:

bullion stitch

couching stitch

feather stitch

french knot

lazy daisy stitch –detached chain stitch

raised chain band stitch

running stitch

satin stitch

stem stitch

tete-de-boeuf stitch; ox head; detached wheat ear

wheather stitch

wowen attached picots

Did you make a new year’s promise?

I did. My promise was to try new things in needlework.

And voila: Štikar'ca colour challenge is here.

Welcome anyone wishing to join the challenge. You can make something in brown for the month of April.

If you want, you can send me the results via e-mail, or publish it on Instagram and tag me @needle_at_work . Please, use #stikarcacolorchallenge2021

Happy stitching.

The post was first published in 2021.

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