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About Štikarca

I have been embroidering from the year 2007, extensively for the last few years. I acquired and improved my knowledge with well-known embroiderers like Sonja Porenta, as well as teachers such as Hanny Newton, Sara Richards and Natalie Dupuis. In 2020, I received the Handcraft Slovenia Art & Craft badge for embroidered brooches and bookmarks from the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia.


I am interested in traditional embroidery techniques in Slovenia and abroad. I am most attracted to the technique of embroidery with gold threads and wires.

Nature-themed embroidered jewellery and artwork for everyone. Štikarca Needleatwork makes magic on fabric with traditional techniques and contemporary experimentation.

Mission and vision

Embroidery is a technique used in the past to decorate clothes and headdresses. Embroidery is important, although often overlooked,  part of Slovenian and world heritage.
With my nature-inspired embroidery, I aim to connect traditional techniques and knowledge with more contemporary approaches, experimentation and design.

With fabric and thread, I explore myself, nature and humanity, the interconnectedness of cultures, objects and thoughts.
With cotton and silk threads on various fabrics, nature-inspired, unique and durable pieces, jewellery and artworks are created.
Each product is handmade, therefore individual products may differ from each other.

Štikarca at work
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