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Oranges and embroidery

This embroidery was something new for me. I wanted to get a web-like structure and shape it in a way, that it will stand on its own.

What do you think, did I succeed?

I got the idea for this form when I observed oranges on my kitchen table and noticed artworks by Sally Blake on Instagram. She creates an organic form with natural materials.

I was in some kind of creative block, and could not finish them until the beginning of March, as a result, the forms are here a bit later.

I embroidered the basic form on a ground fabric, then removed the fabric and reinforced the stitches. I had to shape them in half-spheres also.

When I formed the individual parts or half spherehalf-spheress, I placed them in a pleasing composition. Some were placed in a way that the margin of the half shalf-spherephere was sewn on the fabric, and others were placed with the globe on the fabric.

The fabric was hand-dyed with rust contact printing.

Here is the result.

Did you make a new year’s promise?

I did. My promise was to try new things in needlework.

And voila: Štikar'ca colour challenge is here.

Welcome anyone wishing to join the challenge. You can make something in orange for the month of March.

If you want, you can send me the results via e-mail, or publish it on Instagram and tag me @needle_at_work . Please, use #stikarcacolorchallenge2021

Happy stitching and comment.

The post was first published in 2021.

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