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My first 3d embroidered narcissus

I tried something the majority of embroiderers did ages ago. Can you guess what that is?

This month I tried 3d embroidery and made a leaf.

Did you make a new year’s promise?

I did. My promise was to try new things in needlework.

And voila: Štikar'ca colour challenge is here.

Welcome anyone wishing to join the challenge. You can utilize the free embroidery pattern (downloadable below) or make something else in yellow and/or gold colour for the month of February.

If you want, you can send me the results via e-mail, or publish it on Instagram and tag me @needle_at_work . Please, use #stikarcacolorchallenge2021

At the time I'm writing this the snow is gone, the primroses are here and with them warmer weather and spring.

Generally, I really (and I mean really) don't like yellow. It somehow hurts my eyes, but the narcissus flower is a prototype of spring and warm weather. As a result, even I have them in my garden and they were my inspiration.

The embroidery was started with the easy part. Firstly, I embroidered all of the stems and flowers on linen fabric. The stem stitch was used for stems and leaves. Satin stitch was used to embroider the flower.

Then I started with the 3d leaf. First I found an appropriate wire and attached it to the background fabric with green cotton thread. The shades for the leaves were chosen, when I embroidered the leaves on linen, so I immediately started to embroider the leaf with stem stitch.

The fun part began, when it was time to cut out the leaf. The transparent fabric was easy to cut at first, but when I tried to cut as near as the green thread and embroidery as possible, it started to cause problems. I think the scissors were at fault because they were not sharp enough. After changing them, I finally finished cutting.

The wires were pulled through the fabric and attached to the back with cotton thread. Lastly, the moss was made in the foreground to complete the flower. For moss, I used a few bullion stitches and a new technique I saw in a video with Alison Cole to create something Mary Corbet calls squiggly moss.

Here is the result.

And here is the link to Štikar'ca colour challenge free embroidery pattern for February 2021.

Stikarca color challenge - February moti
Download • 199KB

Happy stitching and comment about your progress.

The post was first published in 2021.

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