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Abilmente in Milano

Abilmente in Rome started yesterday, if you plan to visit Abilmente Vicenta, Milano, or Torino, then this is the post you need to read.

Abilmente Milano was scheduled from 4 till 7 November 2021 and was held at Superstudio Maxi in the Famagosta area.

The tickets were bought online some time ago for entry on the first hour of the first day.

What I expected?

A hall with stalls of various handcrafting businesses, and among them a few with embroidery supplies. I planned to buy needles for embroidery no 12, some threads for goldwork, and maybe some silk threads and silk fabric.

Abilmente Milano introductory template with writing and stalls in the background
Abilmente Milano

How was it you ask?


It was obvious that Milano has a group of enthusiasts for handcrafting as there was a trail of people moving from the metro to the entrance of the fair. Nonetheless, the entrance procedures (green pass check, temperature measurement, and ticket verification) went smoooooooothly.

It was a bit crowded afterwards, right inside the exhibition hall. It seems the first stall was very popular and all arrivals wanted to buy something. Me included 😊

I fell in love with little glass beads.

There were stalls with ribbons, fabrics and fabric scraps, felt, clothes, machines for embroidery...

The majority of stalls were dedicated to general bits and pieces one needs to craft decoration. There were already made flowers, and ribbons of different kinds (velvet, satin, cotton, printed, ordinary ...). Some stalls sold wooden objects, for example, animals and trees, buttons or charms, and amulets. Others sold cut felt for projects, scraps of fabrics or one could select a fabric and have it cut to measure.

The most interesting stalls were connected with embroidery. Some stalls had round wooden frames for embroidery beside wool, felt, and machines for embroidery. Some sold buttons beside empty base trays for necklaces, rings, and brooches.

But my favourite was a stall that was selling beads, metal threads look-alikes, and ribbons. I noticed only two stalls that had at least some embroidery threads, but they both had DMC (I don't use them).

There was also a stall of @ispirando (look her up on Instagram), an embroiderer that creates charming things and prepares lovely kits.

I was charmed with all the colours, hand-dyed wools, and fantastic visuals some exhibitors prepared.

The hall was clean. It had a wardrobe area and a sufficient number of toilets. There was also an area dedicated to workshops where people tried new techniques or materials.

Although I didn't get what I hoped for, I didn't leave empty-handed. I bought some beads, some metal thread lookalikes, ropes for embroidery, and some sheets of beautiful handmade paper.

If you need a diversion, want to attend a workshop, or buy supplies for decorating, you will find it on Abilmente.

If on the other hand, you wish to buy hand embroidery equipment and materials I suggest you look elsewhere.

Enjoy your visit to Abilmente and the sights in the city.

What was your experience visiting craft fairs? Do you recommend any craft fairs for visiting?

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