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Welcome to Štikarca`s nature embroidery world

Hello world in an embroidered world of Štikarca

Finally, blog Štikar'ca nature embroidery world is born. It took almost an eternity to decide if I want to write a blog. To write for the public is not only a joy but also a responsibility. So, here we go. :)

I hope you will join me often, enjoy the blogs and embroidery.

This blog will be dedicated to getting to know embroidery from all sides:

  • As an art,

  • As a craft with history spanning several thousand years,

  • And as a therapeutic activity with meditative qualities.

People made extraordinary embroideries for centuries, they cocreated and followed artistic styles. Embroidery is also part of contemporary art. In Slovenia, Saša Bezjak and Alenka Pirman are well-known artists incorporating embroidery in their artistic expression.

Embroidery is connected with the world of women for the past several centuries, firmly encased in the world of "mundane, the functional, and the domestic". Roszika Parker writes:

Embroidery, ... had always been admired for the hard labour it demanded, the patience and persistence ir required.

At the same time, there is a strong connection between embroidery and meditative, slow and almost ritualistic stitching. Every stitch is measured and at the same time completely intuitive.

As embroidery is one of the most beautiful art forms, me at work.

About Štikarca

A few words about me.

I started embroidering about 13 or 14 years ago, because I wanted to prepare some gifts for a group of special people. After that I embroidered only occasionally, when the mood was right.

Turning point happened last year, when I started to embroider almost every day. In the beginning of 2020 Štikar’ca was born as a registered Personal supplementary work.

Štikar’ca is a dialect name for someone that is doing embroidery.

Hope to see you soon.

What are you interested in?

Write in the comments.

This is an edited post already published on the old Štikar'ca blog.

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