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Fox is a sly creature

Fox is a sly creature if I quote a Slovenian song and that is true even in embroidery. Not only did the embroidery process take months to complete, there were even complications framing the piece. Nonetheless, the piece is lovely and I enjoyed working on it.

Goldwork embroidered fox on emerald green fabric


The fabric was chosen first. I have always known the background would be in emerald green silk, and for the background support calico was used.

The tridimensionality of the fox is quite visible, therefore the padding was necessary.

After drawing the motive, I outlined the padded areas and prepared carpet felt for the tail. I tried to match color of the felt with the wires, as a result, three colors of felt are needed. White for the stomach, brown for the hind leg and orange for the tail.

The ear was supposed to be made with cutwork and soft string padding was needed. Firstly, I colored the thread, but the end result was disastrous. I unpicked it and put in white soft thread instead.

As usual, when working with metal threads, passing and rococo were worked first. Passing for the legs is worked with brown cotton threads in the manned of Italian shading to achieve a shading effect.

I made a deviation and continued with chipping on the stomach, continued with long and short on the tail and finished with S-ing for the brow and cutwork for the ear.

When it seemed the piece was finished, I noticed that the spine and the head looked unbalanced and empty. I had to give some character and sunning to the fox therefore the unpicking began. The head and the spine rococo threads were substituted with combination of passing, rococo and copper wire overlaid with silk thread for the head. The spine was a bit more complicated. I've sewn copper wire overlaid with silk thread thinking it will be enough, but later decided to add a braid from copper bright check purl on the inside of the spine.

Fox is a sly creature

that created problems even for the framers. He framed the piece in a shiny gold frame that totally overwhelmed the embroidery. After I saw it we changed it to a handmade wild cherry frame with subtle red undertones. I think it is quite charming.


polyster thread for sewing the felt

invisible thread for couching and sewing purls

white and orange felt

carpet felt

bright brown felt (3 mm)

soft string

brown cotton embroidery threads

copper passing

copper rococco

silver and copper bright check

sequin or a pearl

copper wire overlaid with silk thread or copper pearl purl

The fox outline download will be sent to you after you sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the main page here.

If you are already receiving them , please check your inbox for the last Štikarca mail. There you can find the download button.

If there is any need for additional outlines, for example for padding or stitch plan, send me an e-mail and the plans will be sent to you.

When you work, please publish your embroidery and tag me.

The outline can only be used privately. No resale of the outline or of the embroidery made after the outline is permitted.

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Sep 17, 2023

That’s so kind of you to share the pattern, thank you, ☺️ and I love how you completed your fox The detail on the spine works really well to balance the design. 🦊😍

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