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Dancing in the wind

Did you ever dream about dancing? About having wings and just drifting in the wind and twirling, diving and sailing on gentle breezes?

I did.

I dreamt about being an anemone flower and sway in the wind.

With this inspiration in mind, the goldwork embroidery of The Dance in the wind was born.

Silver metal thread embroidery of a flower on blue silk fabric.
Dancing in the wind

I encountered several challenges in the process. The first was the design. I wanted to draw a stylized flower that will show dancing in the wind and have an opportunity to use new goldwork embroidery techniques to try them out.

And I did it.

The most challenging was wrapping pearl purl with cotton thread. I extended pearl purl wire and tried to wrap the cotton thread. What do you think happened? It failed.

After several tries, I finally managed to begin at the right side. The video of my failed and successful attempts can be viewed on my Instagram IGTV.

The post was first published in 2021.

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