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Expression with threads, needles and beads

Ajda Zorko: who am I

A textile designer by education with an emphasis on footwear technology, I only started working with embroidery many years after my studies. Smaller size products are closer to me, so embroidery with different threads and materials is my kind of art.

vezeni prtiček na zvezku z motivom za vezenje
Traditional ornament, photo: Ajda Zorko @ajda_brez_veze

I started with motifs of Slovenian Easter embroidery, redrew them, then began to create the motifs myself and draw my own variations on the theme of Slovenian traditional ornaments. Developing original designs as a continuation of folk imagery is still an important part of my life. With this, I maintain contact with my Slovenian roots and so include them in modern, everyday life.

With the help of the internet and social networks, access to a rich range of contemporary embroidery and textile artists has become easy. How-to content, ordering tools and materials from abroad as well. Using this to research tambour or luneville embroidery, which uses something between a needle and a crochet hook. It is mainly used for applying sequins and beads.

As a craft or art, embroidery is one of the most democratic techniques in my opinion. Consisting of fabric, a needle and thread, anyone can adapt it to their wishes and abilities. There is no rule that a single thread cannot create an extraordinary masterpiece. So I think it's an ideal skill for anyone who would like to try a new art with only basic tools.

If you enjoyed bit of reading, stop by my insta page (@ajda_brez_veze) where you’ll get an idea for a gift, learn how to make a stitch or find some other useful embroidery information!

Embroidered knots on a cream fabric
Embroidered knots

Photo: Ajda Zorko

Ajda Zorko is a guest blogger. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Štikarca.

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