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New year new challenge - Štikar'ca color challenge 2021

In all probability the whole world is wishing this year would be finally over.

To make the next year more colourful I decided to challenge myself. Every month I will make at least one embroidery in the planned cocolourlor scheme. Until the end of this year. I will publish the colours I planned for monthly embroideries.

Colours 2021 Štikar'ca colour challenge for 2021:

January: white, silver

February: yellow, gold

March: orange

April: brown

May: dark red

June: red

July: pink, rose

August: violet, purple

September: blue

October: green

November: grey, silver

December: black

I will also publish the design of the finished embroidery on my blog each month in 2021 (hopefully at the beginning of each month).

If anyone wants to join in and show their embroideries in the suggested colour, I will publish them in my stories on Instagram.

When you join this challenge and show your work on Instagram, please tag me @needle_at_work and use #stikarcacolorchallenge2021

The post was first published in 2021.

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